Cost, Preparation or Cancellation

Preparation and Cancellation policy

All of the body therapies I perform are clothes-on therapies, so you may come to a session wearing whatever clothes you feel comfortable in. Frequency of visits will depend on the results you want to accomplish. This can be discussed at the end of your first session results.

First session cost is $150, Thereafter session cost is $130/hour or $180/90minutes

Canceled, rescheduled, or delayed/late appointments without a 24 hour notice are paid in full by the client. 

A majority of payments are made (by selecting Pay Later) at the time of service with check or cash.

However when Booking ON LINE you do have the option of paying with a credit card through paypal at the time of scheduling (this is not refundable).  

When Booking  by TEXT or PHONE  Payment is made by Cash or Check at the time of service. 612-743-0094

Marcelline Harrisonfields


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