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You can have a healthier, pain free body than what you experience now.

You can be more relaxed in your daily life than you are right now.

You can be more emotionally balanced and self expressed than you are right now.

I CAN HELP.  And here is HOW:

Your body therapy session looks like this:

We briefly discuss the results you are looking for.  You will lay, clothes on a massage table on your back and I will use a gentle hands on technique that causes the body to move to release it’s stress.  People have many experiences during this time unique to the results they want. They may feel deep relaxation, have experiences throughout their physical body or heightened emotions. Feelings of safety, happiness, release of sadness,  joy or euphoria are common as well.  At the end of your session you will experience some level of result as you walk around the room and adjust to your changes.

The number of sessions required to reach your complete results vary with individuals.  We can discuss your options after your first session results are experienced.

How it works:

Healthy cells move freely.  Freely moving cells equate to a healthy body. When the body is traumatized or stressed ( mentally, emotionally, physically or situationally) the body stores this trauma as a tightness or pain. The cells are not moving freely in this part of the body because they are “busy” holding onto the trauma until it is safe to release it (cellular memory). This tightness in the body is held as a contraction. You can identify these contracted areas as those parts of your body that have a lack of free movement, lack of flexibility, or pain. These contractions in the body can create physical pain, sickness, disease, emotional depression or lack of mental or emotional balance. When these tight areas are released, the body has the experience of well-being, health and vitality.

Technically speaking:

The technique I use powerfully supports the tissue by following it in the unique direction it was naturally trying to go before it “got stuck”.  The application of this type of “following” support can be experienced by the client as a feeling of deep relaxation, movement or safety to relax and begin it’s own natural movement.  The optimal environment for the body is a relaxed mobility and tension-less ease. I call a “mobile healing environment” or (MHE) .  Once the tissue of the body begins to move within this optimal healing environment created by the touch technique, I support by bringing the support behind where the tissue is moving.  This allows it to move in its own direction while still feeling the support “behind” where it naturally wants to go.  

For some conditions that seem to have stopped healing, this same technique can address more underlying causes because this technique also promotes the experience of a deeper awareness of the body and your connection to it. Allowing for each of us to understand how we personally acquire and store the stress that can influence our bodies wellness and ability to heal, give us options for change. This awareness information of our own tendencies allows us to powerfully make new choices toward our health and well being.

Marcelline Harrisonfields

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