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I specialize in:

Supporting release of Physical Body Pain and stress and increasing Athletic performance:  Back, legs, joints, injury and arthritis.

Developing Emotional freedom and stamina :  Anxiety, Mood, Life changes and Relationship support.

Women’s health: Hormonal challenges/ balance, Hot flashes..etc.

Personal and Professional Growth: Confidence building, focus, power and success.

And More

I can help.  Because the methods I use are unique, I can get results with you that you have not gotten before (and usually faster).  So you can experience more of your life, free from physical, emotional or personal limitations (no matter how long they have been there).

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Cost, Preparation or Cancellation

Preparation and Cancellation policy

All of the body therapies I perform are clothes-on therapies, so you may come to a session wearing whatever clothes you feel comfortable in. Frequency of visits will depend on the results you want to accomplish. This can be discussed at the end of your first session results.

First session cost is $150, Thereafter session cost is $130/hour or $180/90minutes

Canceled, rescheduled, or delayed/late appointments without a 24 hour notice are paid in full by the client. 

A majority of payments are made (by selecting Pay Later) at the time of service with check or cash.

However when Booking ON LINE you do have the option of paying with a credit card through paypal at the time of scheduling (this is not refundable).  

When Booking  by TEXT or PHONE  Payment is made by Cash or Check at the time of service. 612-743-0094

Marcelline Harrisonfields


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Session Information

You can have a healthier, pain free body than what you experience now.

You can be more relaxed in your daily life than you are right now.

You can be more emotionally balanced and self expressed than you are right now.

I CAN HELP.  And here is HOW:

Your body therapy session looks like this:

We briefly discuss the results you are looking for.  You will lay, clothes on a massage table on your back and I will use a gentle hands on technique that causes the body to move to release it’s stress.  People have many experiences during this time unique to the results they want. They may feel deep relaxation, have experiences throughout their physical body or heightened emotions. Feelings of safety, happiness, release of sadness,  joy or euphoria are common as well.  At the end of your session you will experience some level of result as you walk around the room and adjust to your changes.

The number of sessions required to reach your complete results vary with individuals.  We can discuss your options after your first session results are experienced.

How it works:

Healthy cells move freely.  Freely moving cells equate to a healthy body. When the body is traumatized or stressed ( mentally, emotionally, physically or situationally) the body stores this trauma as a tightness or pain. The cells are not moving freely in this part of the body because they are “busy” holding onto the trauma until it is safe to release it (cellular memory). This tightness in the body is held as a contraction. You can identify these contracted areas as those parts of your body that have a lack of free movement, lack of flexibility, or pain. These contractions in the body can create physical pain, sickness, disease, emotional depression or lack of mental or emotional balance. When these tight areas are released, the body has the experience of well-being, health and vitality.

Technically speaking:

The technique I use powerfully supports the tissue by following it in the unique direction it was naturally trying to go before it “got stuck”.  The application of this type of “following” support can be experienced by the client as a feeling of deep relaxation, movement or safety to relax and begin it’s own natural movement.  The optimal environment for the body is a relaxed mobility and tension-less ease. I call a “mobile healing environment” or (MHE) .  Once the tissue of the body begins to move within this optimal healing environment created by the touch technique, I support by bringing the support behind where the tissue is moving.  This allows it to move in its own direction while still feeling the support “behind” where it naturally wants to go.  

For some conditions that seem to have stopped healing, this same technique can address more underlying causes because this technique also promotes the experience of a deeper awareness of the body and your connection to it. Allowing for each of us to understand how we personally acquire and store the stress that can influence our bodies wellness and ability to heal, give us options for change. This awareness information of our own tendencies allows us to powerfully make new choices toward our health and well being.

Marcelline Harrisonfields

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Practitioner Bio

Marcelline Harrisonfields has a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communications from the University of Minnesota. She has 18 years experience as a body therapy practitioner and has been certified and trained in 6 different healing modalities that she uses in her practice.  She has over two years of education and experience in natural supplement and herbal approaches to wellness.

She has worked at the corporate level in the Wellness industry where she directly observed complementary approaches to avoiding illness through wellness programs succeed for large populations.

In 2012 she worked with the U.S. Army on soldiers about to be deployed.  She was awarded an exceptional honor by a Lieutenant Colonel (who has only given this honor 3 times in 30 years of service) for the effectiveness in removing stress using her body therapy methods.

Along with her practice, she has taught healing courses both domestically and internationally. She resides in Minneapolis, MN where she raised her son, and is an avocational painter.

Marcelline Harrisonfields

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Client Testimonials

Testimonials from Clients of Marcelline Harrisonfields

I’m a 44 year old active man (6’0 190lbs) that has worked on my feet for my entire adult life. After an MRI revealed 2 major herniated discs (L4 & L5) I was scheduled for surgery (my second on L5). Not wanting to go through surgery for a second time, I turned to Marcelline. 

Just a few short months ago I was on the maximum dose of medication, had a difficult time standing up and moving and could not do some of the most basic movements. Life had ground to a halt. After more than 6 epidurals I still had a 5 week period where I couldn’t get up out of bed or out of the house. I was incredibly depressed and looking into disability.

Now I am training for a triathlon (a mini sprint), free of ALL medication and fully functional. I am back to being active, can stretch out (something that I could not do for 10 years) and feel amazing. 

My entire outlook has changed – I’m far more positive than ever and am able to enjoy the simplest physical movements like never before. When I cancelled my surgery even my doctor was astonished at my level of movement and wanted to know what I had done to achieve it. 

When you get to the point of pain that I was at you’ll try anything. As for me, I wake up with the proof every morning. For anyone who has back pain, trouble standing all the way up, sciatica (mine was horrible), I would absolutely recommend this. It would be unwise to pass up this solution. I am absolutely a fan. -Jason Thompson

“I had a very low self-esteem and with many fears of making mistakes in life. But not anymore. After my sessions with Marcelline, I feel very much in control of my life. I’m even more positive in my mind & energy everyday. I feel like everything is possible. The sessions have affected my life dramatically and changed it forever for the better, I feel a new person with confidence and willing to do anything. I recommend it for anyone wanting to take their life to a new and incredible level. Thank you so much!” -Karen Gisela from Colorado

Dear Marcelline, I want to thank you so much for your amazing treatment that I received a few months back. I had no idea what to expect from your treatment, but I can say it really helped me tremendously. I broke both legs and had a major injury to the cartilage and soft tissue of my back and hip and have been undergoing rehabilitation for 9 months with daily Physical Therapy, Osteopathic treatments, and acupuncture. However, before your treatment, my progress had slowed to a halt and I was seriously considering surgery. Now after your treatment, all of this has changed, and along with a new exercise and stretching regimen I am doing so much better. I am having less pain, less restriction, and getting healthier and healthier by the day!  I so wish that you lived closer as I would love to see you weekly as I know I would be healed in no time! You are a truly gifted healer, and you really helped me remove a layer of trauma and stagnation in my legs and pelvis and I am so grateful. If you were local I would refer you many patients who needed help with chronic pain and injuries that were slow to heal. Your treatment could only help.” Again many thanks and all the best, Dr. Morgan Camp M.D.

“An incredible experience that is beyond description.  Everyone must have this done.” —Lieutenant Colonel Joe Marsiglia U.S. Army Reserves

” HOT FLASHES!  They’re gone!!!!!  I’m 53 and have had hot flashes for 9 years after a hysterectomy.  My aunt is 71 and still has them, when my grandmother died she was still having them! I met Marcelline on a visit to my son in MN 1 month ago.  What a lovely lady and spirit.  We talked about multiple health issues, but my hot flashes were top on my list.  I experienced as many as 8 a day.  I would just break out in a sweat and took forever to cool down. I worked with Marcelline and have had no hot flashes~ ZERO HOTFLASHES! I’ve had 3 “warm spells” in a month and what I mean by that is just that, I’m warm for maybe 2 minutes and then it’s gone.  This is definitely life changing and I can’t wait to go back to see her to work on other health issues!  You know what else I’m excited about….. I’m able to wear sweaters again and long sleeves!!!!!! THANK YOU MARCELLINE! Much love and blessings as you use your healing gifts to help all of us. ” -Dee Hemerka;  Pennsylvania

I had been experiencing acute lower back pain for many months. After bodywork with Marcelline, a couple months ago, the pain was gone and has not returned since! I am so happy about the results! Thank you Marcelline!” -Stacy Boots

“I have never been more relaxed in my life with my session with Marcelline” – Anonymous

After I had surgery to remove a mole, Marcelline did a session on the incision, and the swelling and redness reduced significantly. I am so happy I won’t have a prominent scar on my neck.” -Stephanie Delzell

“I finally feel confident being myself on a date, I never thought i would be there.” – Anonymous

“I had a pain in my lower stomach and a stuck feeling and after working with Marcelline I now have a flowing experience and there is no pain. It also helped me establish a better way of eating, of exercising and of putting myself in community”- Kevin Wallace

For me it was very important because through the job Marcelline does I not only felt better physically, but also psychologically and emotionally.” -Ana Sandra

“Amazing” – Jim Walsh

“I felt her sincerity, skill and warmth immediately” – Franco Holder

Marcelline changed my perspective and created a path to my joy and happiness.” -Jody Brosko

When I went to Marcelline, I had several months of pain in my hip which was causing me limited mobility, loss of sleep and constant pain.  Not only was I pain free by the end of the session, but have been ever since. I was at a pain level of about 8(out of 10) and left a 0 !(out of 10).” Brandi Schorn

Working with you (Marcelline) has made a huge difference in my life.” -Claire Barone

A session with Marcelline helped me release a relationship issue that I had been holding onto for two years. I received a remarkable insight into the issue and have been moving forward in an area that was totally stuck before our session” -Anonymous


Below are some additional Testimonials from U.S. Army Soldiers (and some of their family).

 The experience was very relaxing and decreased the pain in my injured knee. In addition, I left the session much less stressed then when I started. Great customer service and approach” -Captain Greg Quinn

  One of the most relaxing exercises I have ever experienced. I will recommend this to anyone feeling any kind of tension or pain.”-Sargeant Nich Schmidt   Very Relaxing” -Sargeant Tom Lamwers

  Marcelline eliminated my pre-deployment stress! when I showed up this morning I was so nervous about having everything in order for this deployment my neck was so tense i could hardly move it.  After about 30 seconds with Marcelline I could feel the tension and stress slide off my shoulders.  It was amazing and worked. – (Stress level started at 9/10 and after the session the client reported a 0/10 stress level)-Anonymous Soldier

Truly amazing. Felt so much better.” (Stress level started at 8/10 and after the session the client reported a 1/10).-Anonymous

I don’t feel any stress or tension in my body” (Stress level started at 7/10 and after the session the client reported a 0/10).-Anonymous  


“Marcelline helps me relax and feel better” -Charlie (age 10 )

“Marcelline is nice and caring and she helps everyone heal. If you feel sad or hurt she will try to help. She helped me. Made me feel good.” -Angie (Age 8 )

After I see Marcelline I feel better.” -Scarlet (Age 6)

Marcelline Harrisonfields

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