Practitioner Bio

Marcelline Harrisonfields has a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communications from the University of Minnesota. She has 18 years experience as a body therapy practitioner and has been certified and trained in 6 different healing modalities that she uses in her practice.  She has over two years of education and experience in natural supplement and herbal approaches to wellness.

She has worked at the corporate level in the Wellness industry where she directly observed complementary approaches to avoiding illness through wellness programs succeed for large populations.

In 2012 she worked with the U.S. Army on soldiers about to be deployed.  She was awarded an exceptional honor by a Lieutenant Colonel (who has only given this honor 3 times in 30 years of service) for the effectiveness in removing stress using her body therapy methods.

Along with her practice, she has taught healing courses both domestically and internationally. She resides in Minneapolis, MN where she raised her son, and is an avocational painter.

Marcelline Harrisonfields

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